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Victor Seymour Infants' School


Victor Seymour Infants' School is an academy in the Greenshaw Learning Trust.

The Greenshaw Learning Trust is a charitable company, limited by guarantee, with the sole purpose of maintaining and developing academy schools to provide comprehensive and inclusive eduction for the public benefit.  You can find out more about the governance of the Trust on the Trust website here.

The Trustees of the Greenshaw Learning Trust haver overall legal responsibility for all the schools in the Trust, but they delegate powers and responsibilities with respect to the governance of each school to its Governing Body.  The Governing Body is formally called a committee of the Board of Trustees that reports to and is accountable to the Board of Trustees under a Scheme of Delegation of governance functions.

The Governing Body is responsible for the strategic leadership of the school, for oversight of the school's financial and academic performance, and for holding the Headteacher and school's senior leadership to account.

Governors are appointed in a number of different ways to reflect the school's various stakeholders and to bring a range of skills and experience to the Governing Body:

Trust governors are appointed by the Board of Trustees of Greenshaw Learning Trust

A parent governor has to be a parent of a pupil at the school at the time of their election and elected by ballot of all parents and carers of current students

A staff governor must be employed by the Trust to work at the school and is appointed following a ballot of all staff at the school

The Headteacher is a governor ex-officio

All governors (except the Headteacher) serve a term of office for four years, but can be reappointed.

The governors at Victor Seymour Infants' School constitute the Governing Body and collectively play an important leadership role in overseeing the safeguarding and management of the school and its staff.  Governors exercise their powers in a primarily strategic leadership role; they should not get involved in the day-to-day running of the school.

The Governing Body operates essentially as a flat structure, without committees for specific areas of focus. Statutory committees are in place for Head Teacher Performance Management Panel, Pay Review, Staff Discipline and Appeals.