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Victor Seymour Infants' School

Governance Meeting Attendance

It is statutory that we report governing body meeting attendance.  Below is the attendance for the academic year 2022/23


Governor GB1 GB2 GB3 GB4 GB5 GB6
  27.09.22 07.12.22 31.01.23 07.03.23 02.05.23 28.06.23
Bayo Alamu N/A P P P P P
Nicola Barber P P P P P P
Zoe Clark P P P P P C
Rebecca Knight P P C P P P
Helen Matt P P P P P P
Fiona Pearce C P C P C P
Suzanna Woods P P P P P P
Claire Stangroom A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
P In attendance            
C Absent with consent            
A Absent without consent            
N/A Not a governor at this meeting